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Introduction:  Pakistan’s education sector faces a significant shortage of qualified teachers, impacting the quality of education across the nation. This shortage is further compounded by various factors, including economic challenges, inadequate training facilities, and a lack of incentives for educators.

Brief History of Education in Pakistan:

Exploring the evolution of education in Pakistan from its early stages to the present day provides insights into the challenges and milestones that have shaped the sector. From traditional modes of teaching to modern educational systems, Pakistan’s journey has been a mix of advancements and challenges.

Job Description for Teachers in 2023 Classifieds:

In the current classifieds for teaching positions, the job descriptions vary based on educational institutions’ needs. Positions range from elementary to higher education levels, each requiring specific skill sets and qualifications.

In the Education Sector Pakistan 2023 Classifieds, numerous positions for teachers are available across various educational levels and disciplines. These positions encompass a wide range of responsibilities and requirements tailored to the specific needs of different institutions.

Primary and Secondary Education:

For positions in primary and secondary education, the job description typically includes:

  1. Subject Expertise: Proficiency in teaching core subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies, and Languages.
  2. Curriculum Implementation: Designing and executing lesson plans aligned with the national curriculum framework.


Information Details
Date Posted/Updated 14 November, 2023
Category/Sector Classifieds
Newspaper Aaj Jobs
Education Bachelor’s
Vacancy Location Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan
Organization Education
Job Industry Education Jobs
Job Type Full Time
Job Experience 2 Years
Expected Last Date 14 December, 2023 or as per paper ad


To apply for the available positions, interested candidates can follow these steps:

  1. Online Application: Visit the official job portal or the organization’s website.
  2. Create an Account: Register or log in to the online job application system.
  3. Job Selection: Choose the desired job position from the vacancies list.
  4. Upload Documents: Prepare and upload all necessary documents, including your CV/resume, educational certificates, and any other required credentials.
  5. Application Submission: Fill out the application form accurately and submit it before the specified deadline.
  6. Confirmation: Await a confirmation email or notification acknowledging the successful submission of your application.
  7. Follow-up: Stay updated on the selection process by regularly checking your registered email or the job portal for any further communication or interview calls.

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