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October 2023 marks a significant month for job seekers in Lahore as the Punjab Police Special Branch announces a plethora of positions. As a paramount intelligence agency, the Special Branch’s recruitment drive promises dynamic roles for those wishing to serve in the realm of security, intelligence, and counter-terrorism.

Brief History
Tracing its origins to the British-era police services, the Punjab Police Special Branch has evolved into a modern intelligence apparatus. Situated in Lahore, this department has consistently played a critical role in thwarting threats, collecting vital intel, and collaborating with other security agencies for a safer Punjab.

Job Description
The Special Branch offers diversified roles, from field intelligence officers to data analysts and surveillance experts. Every position is crucial, ensuring the smooth execution of intelligence operations, maintaining public safety, and fortifying Punjab against potential threats.

Why Join Us
Being a part of the Special Branch is synonymous with being at the forefront of the province’s security apparatus. The department offers a unique blend of on-ground action and analytical work, providing employees with unparalleled exposure to the intelligence domain. Training and mentorship are integral, ensuring every member excels in their respective roles.

Beyond the honor of serving in an elite intelligence unit, the Special Branch offers its employees competitive salaries, medical benefits, housing allowances, risk allowances, and continuous training opportunities, making it a rewarding career both professionally and personally.

Table: Detailed Job Insights

Heading Details
Eligibility Requirements Pakistani citizenship; no prior criminal record; physical fitness standards
Qualification & Experience Varies by role; typically a relevant degree & specific field experience
Jobs Salary and Allowances At par with government scales; additional allowances based on duty type
Growth Opportunities Rank promotions; specialized intelligence training
Documents Needed Application, CV, CNIC, academic certificates, experience letters
Duties and Responsibilities Depends on role; can range from field surveillance to data interpretation
Selection Process Physical evaluation, written test, psychological test, panel interview
Jobs Vacancies List Multiple roles spanning various intelligence operations
Age Limit Generally between 20-45 years; varies by role
Contact Details Special Branch HQ, Lahore; [email protected]
Start Date of Jobs October 10, 2023
Last Date of Apply October 30, 2023

How to Apply for Jobs

Starting your career with the Punjab Police Special Branch is a straightforward process. Visit the official Punjab Police website, navigate to the ‘Recruitment’ section, identify the role that aligns with your aspirations, and submit your application. Remember, meticulous documentation and an unwavering commitment can set your application apart.

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